Marine Engineering

INMYR company develops projects for ships, new built projects, upgrades, re-equipment and reclassifications. Transit projects, assessment of the technical condition of ships, development of ship documentation: strength calculations, hull ice reinforcement, ballast water management plan, stability information and other ship documentation.


CFD modeling

Mathematical modeling (CFD) is a modern tool that is used to test design engineering solutions for compliance with their functional problem.


    Towing Tank Model Testing

    Model tests in the experimental basin are the most reliable way to study the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic characteristics of modern types of vessels.


      Ship scantling calculation

      The hull is under the influence of various external forces. This is the weight of the vessel itself and the people or cargo carried on it, the force of maintaining the water...


        3D modeling / visualization of the vessel and its accommodation

        The use of 3D-model at the stage of detailed design has become common practice, while technical design ...


          Piping - design and 3D visualization

          D modeling of ship pipelines allows solving tasks as quick formation of system models using the base of ready-made standard elements ...