Piping - design and 3D visualization

3D modeling systems are implemented in shipbuilding CAD systems, which allow modeling the entire ship as a whole (the so-called “heavy” CAD systems). These areCAD / CAM / CAE systems that provide the entire cycle of ship creation, from external (conceptual) design to the release of drawings, specifications, wiring diagrams and control programs for CNC machines.    3D modeling of ship pipelines allows solving the following tasks: 
  • quick formation of system models using the base of ready-made standard elements; 
  • optimal equipment location, routing of pipelines and cable routes to avoid coincidences in space and interference with access to maintenance and repair; 
  • possibility of simultaneous work of all participants in the creation of a product with a single virtual electronic model; 
  • obtaining of working design documentation on the basis of 3-D model. 
Our company provides services for design organizations, with which our specialists can design on a subcontract basis.  To order or consult on the service, please contact us by phone or email sales@inmyr.com