3D modeling / visualization of the vessel and its accommodation

Ship design, as a rule, consists of three stages: conceptual study (draft design), development of technical and working projects. The use of 3D-model at the stage of detailed design has become common practice, while technical design in many companies is still based on 2D-drawings, as a result of which it is at this stage that conditions are created that lead to an increase in the design time and cost, duplication of a significant amount of work, produced at subsequent stages, and are the cause of numerous interdisciplinary inconsistencies in the project. Therefore, more recently, developers of software products focused on applications in shipbuilding have begun to introduce 3D design tools at the initial stages of project development. 

The use of 3D modeling in the industrial sphere gives a tremendous advantage over analog design methods and, with the right approach, can consistently improve the level of an enterprise by increasing the range of products supplied. This, in turn, will allow to take orders from other firms from various fields of activity, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market and the income received.

    Our company can fully implement the entire set of design on a subcontract, but also happens when the customer needs only one or a few sections from the working documentation. In this case, our company can act as a subcontractor for the implementation of sections of the project.