Total ship control

Continuous  monitoring of measurable parameters on the vessel, early implementation of preventive maintenance services, as well as vessel draft survey are procedures that should be maintained to river transport to be sure it is in proper technical condition, as well as to avoid undesirable loss of time and money in relation to the vessel itself and the embodiment of the freight being transported. “Total ship control” allows to reduce the cost of repair work, reduce the loss of expensive time cargo handling operations, choose the optimal speed of the vessel, inform the shipowner about necessity to clean the the hull or to polish propeller, or the need for preventive maintenance, and much more. The vessel monitoring and diagnostics system allows to monitor and control the following parameters:
  • working and navigating characteristics of the vessel;
  • the condition of ship systems and equipment, including self test of control system;
  • engine  efficiency and ship performance;
  • fouling of the hull and propeller-steering complex;
  • fuel consumption;
  • the amount of ballast and cargo on board.
In addition, ship control systems can be integrated with CCTV. This allows to identify theft, violation of safety and job descriptions, to prevent crime from employees and passengers.

The use of the mentioned complex can significantly reduce the time for a draft survey. The system monitors weight loaded (or discharged) and also reduces the downtime of freight time to perform routine operations, such as intermediate draft survey, trimming operations, etc.

By controlling the operation of the engine and the degree of fouling of the hull and propeller, it is possible to achieve a significant optimization of fuel consumption, which also affects the economic component.
Of course, the installed ship control system has customizable functionality, i.e. it can be offered both in full and in the set of certain control functions that interest the customer.   Contact us to get more detailed information, to order the selection and installation of the ship control complex.