Ship scantling calculation

Ship scantling calculation overall and local strength  The hull is under the influence of various external forces. This is the weight of the vessel itself and the people or cargo carried on it, the force of maintaining the water, the shock of the waves; forces arising from grounding or when laying on keel blocks; efforts transmitted to the hull by sailing equipment or a working engine, etc. Not all of these forces can be accurately quantified and it is difficult to say in advance which combination of simultaneous external forces will be the most dangerous. Therefore, external forces in the calculation of strength are often assigned approximately.    When calculating the strength of the vessel, the engineer consistently solves three main tasks: 
  • determines the external forces acting on the hull and its individual structures; 
  • determines internal forces – stresses arising from the action of external forces in structural elements; 
  • checks the strength of the designed structure by comparing the effective stresses with the allowable ones. 
The calculation of hull structures to the effect of local loads from water pressure, crew weights, rigging, etc. is decisive for selecting sections of a set of small vessels. The magnitude of the design loads depends on the size of the vessel, its speed and operating conditions.    We perform a full range of services for the design of vessels: from idea to realization. We also provide services for design organizations, with which our specialists can design on a subcontract basis.  To order or consultation on the service, please contact us by phone or email