CFD modeling

Mathematical modeling (CFD) is a modern tool that is used to test design engineering solutions for compliance with their functional problem.  CFD modeling (Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling) is one of the subsections of continuum mechanics. The subsection is designed to calculate the characteristics of streaming processes using computational and physico-mathematical methods.  When using the CFD-modeling technique, it is necessary to go through the following steps:   
  • Preparatory (formulation of model geometry, necessary physical conditions, etc.) 
  • Calculation (numerical solution of basic equations for basic physical parameters) 
  •  Analysis (display of results in the form of graphs, tables, etc.) 
  For any research in the field of hydrodynamics, it is necessary to use a system of the following basic equations of hydrogasdynamic flows (equation of continuity, conservation of momentum, etc.) and choose one of the methods for solving this system (finite difference method, finite volumes, etc.)  Contact us to order CFD simulation service by telephone or email