Logistics modeling optimization (LMO)

The main difficulty of logistics is that during construction of a route it is necessary to take into account many points. And any mistakes in calculations will result in serious financial losses.   It is not so easy to construct a new way around the existing railway connections or build a transshipment terminal on the water route and, having convinced that the idea is inappropriate, abandon it.

Why the use of logistics simulation is important?

Due to high financial costs and loss of time, the desire to “try” can turn into a loss of competition and bankruptcy.

We offer the service of computer modeling of logistics routes, which is important during new highways construction and optimization of  existing river routes. This task involves the definition of the following components:
  • the feasibility of creation a new route or upgrading an existing connection;
  • calculation of the location, technological and operational parameters of transshipment terminals on the river segment of the distance;
  • selection of the best way to deliver goods by land to the terminal;
  • determination of the volume and mode of operation of the river fleet, which carries out further movement of goods from the terminal;
  • calculation of the place of transshipment from the river ships to other types of transport for the further cargo shipment.
The challenge of the problem requires not only taking into account all the written above factors, but also the smaller nuances on which the choice of the terminal depends, the composition of the fleet, etc.

Computer modeling of logistics processes


To perform such calculations, we use unique software developed by our experts in the field of logistics. The program includes all the necessary data on the logistics of the company, on the basis of which the analysis of the effectiveness of the route, the possibility of its optimization, feasibility are carried out. If there is lack of the necessary information, our professionals will take upon themselves the questions of collecting and calculating the data needed for solving the problem.

Usually such calculations are carried out manually, which is long term and cannot be always reliable. The use of modern computer technology allows not only to accelerate the simulation, but also to avoid mistakes excluding human factor.

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