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New Ship Building Project Management

Our company INMYR provides a range of quality solutions at very competitive rates. The business provides from assigning an expert to managing and developing complicated shipbuilding and vessel conversion jobs.   The objective of new build  turnkey construction would be to introduce a vessel prepared to sail after carrying out all necessary tests and fulfilling all the prerequisites. From the client’s standpoint to outsource the new ship building allows to considerably save time and resources . Therefore in shipbuilding project management which absorbs a great deal of resources and time, the client’s key staff will not need to concentrate intensively on the job and execute the job in their normal order.
INMYR undertakes the entire obligation of the shipbuilding job, mobilizes their resources using a team who have years of expertise in their area so as to produce a customized merchandise, crafted and shaped according to client’s requirements. This corresponds to the fact that INMYR becomes the sole address for the client in a variety of topics such as project management, technology and services, procurement and quality management of materials, management of transport, monitoring of project deliveries and schedule, setting the systems to use, functionality evaluations, handing over of spares as well as their warranties and consumer training. Hence a perspective is gained by the customer and orientates its energy more result-oriented.

Ship Building Project Management includes following stages:

  • Assessment & Contracting

The choice of the shipyard. INMYR will assist by simply comparing the performances and carrying out the boat design inspection. Years of expertise in this branch implies we are able to guarantee the shipyard is chosen according to our wisdom and the technical requirements of the owner. We can enter to contractual and technical discussions with the shipyard achieving improvements and substantial economies.

  • Plan approval

In the first phases of a construction project, we assess and analyze all of of the drawings and specifications is fully compliant with the most recent regulations that are compulsory. We have the ability to anticipate changes and also make sure that any vessel takes into consideration regulations which have to be executed. Once agreed with the proprietor, we and the shipyard could negotiate any modifications or enhancements.

The vessel design inspection in this point intends to make sure that the newest and arrangement in the point of view has been executed, including any requirements from the customer.

We work together with our customers every step along the way from attending design evaluations to meetings together with owners and the shipyard experts. We think that time in this phase of the job brings advantages that are enormous both concerning cost savings in addition to the vessel’s life.

  • Security and Quality Assurance

Our security and quality assurance system, which include a set of processes that are tested and tried are more rigorous than the processes approved ensuring that we reach a higher standard of quality, and implemented from the shipyards.

  • Equipment

By water management methods to deck equipment, we could assess the gear and if necessary enhance the choice. We aim to make sure that only high excellent machinery is set up on our customers’ vessels and will negotiate with the producers  to acquire extra benefit packages for your vessel as well as the customer.

  • Vessel Delivery

We ensure that the vessel’s preparation for sea service is as smooth as possible. From organizing the crew’s phase-in plan to the ship’s naming ceremony, we ensure that no detail is missed. We prepare all documentation for registration, oversee the issue of the ship’s statutory certification and organize any shipboard inspections required before departure.


Turnkey new construction services includes the definition and monitoring of all phases of a shipbuilding job from idea to delivery; direction of connections among all actors of this job and the procedure for delivery of the vessel to her owner. INMYR Marine Project Management work:
  • Project Management (scope, time, cost, resource, communication, risk, procurement and quality management)
  • Project finance
  • Determination and coordination of all project actors (shipyard, classification society, designer, manufacturers, flag authority)
  • Basic design, production engineering and post-production information
  • Determination and supply of material and equipment
  • Supply of subcontractor and/or worker
  • Realization of Factory (FAT), Harbor (HAT) and Sea Acceptance Tests (SAT)
  • Ship registry operations
  • Ship delivery process
INMYR provides a proactive approach to shipbuilding project management. So as to accomplish this, new shipbuilding and ship conversion teams contain marine engineers, mechsnical engineers and electrical engineers, superintendents and mature boat officers who have extensive experience on all kinds of vessels. Contact us to receive more information.