Workshop design

Detailed design documentation – a set of engineering drawings and documents that are necessary for the construction, repair, modernization of ships. Unlike the technical project, which answers the question “what do we build”, the detailed design gives us an understanding of “how do we build”, taking into account the specifics of chosen shipyard.

On the basis of detailed design the assessment and justification of the cost of construction works, materials, and the vessel itself is also carried out. The specialists of company “Inmyr” will carry out the full range of design documentation development for the construction and modernization of river and coastal type ships.

The design of workshop documentation is done in following stages:
  • Analysis of the approved technical (classification) project.
  • Assessment of additional customer requirements for the vessel and checking their feasibility.
  • Analysis of the possibilities and typical construction technology of the selected shipyard.
  • Selection of equipment for the vessel in accordance with its planned operational purpose, the final selection of specific equipment suppliers.
  • Preparation of specifications, diagrams, plans and assembly drawings for the vessel.
  • Development of documentation that determines the scope and sequence of assembling.
  • Preparation of nesting and cutting programs.
  To order the detailed design documentation for the vessel, contact us by the telephone numbers listed on the website or send us an online contact form.