Delivery services

Despite the development of aviation, road and rail traffic around the world, shipping by river transport still relevant. This is particularly true for the transportation of project cargo which due to its size cannot be delivered by general roads.

Project cargoes are heavy bulky items, equipment, structures and products, for the transport of which is necessary to use non-standard engineering solutions. Such, for example, is the delivery of vessels (both - sea and aircraft), ground structures, buildings and facilities.

The professionals of the company “Inmyr” offer assistance in organizing the transshipment and transportation by waterways of serial and project cargoes:
  • delivery of bulk cargoes (dry cargoes which are shipped without packaging);
  • river transportation of general cargo (bulk cargo in containers or packaging);
  • delivery of project cargo (large non-standard cargo);
  • loading and unloading operations with bulk and general cargoes and other types of oversized products.
To receive consulting assistance, order loading and unloading operations, deliver oversized products, equipment, bulk cargoes, contact our specialists by phone or submit an online contact form on the website.