Ship construction price valuation

An independent evaluation of vessel may be needed for different purposes: when selling or buying them,release and clearance, litigation, ordering construction, repair or modernization. Regardless of the goals, the specialists of the company “Inmyr” will carry out the expertise of the vessel and the project documentation with the subsequent conclusion and recommendations. We can define:
  • The cost of vessel construction of any type, size, its project documentation and technical characteristics accordance.
  • The cost of a new or used vessel when it is purchased or sold.
  • The amount of damage in case of damage to the vessel, litigation, payment of insurance, etc.
  • The cost of maintenance, repair, restoration, modernization of the vessel.
  Evaluation of the vessel (new or used) is carried out on the following values:
  • technical parameters of the ship;
  • reliability and safety of technical systems;
  • comfort and functionality of the vessel;
  • technical condition and visual appearance of the vehicle.
If it is necessary to estimate the cost of the vessel construction, then an analysis of the project documentation and market proposals for construction materials and services is performed. As a result, we provide reporting documents that indicate not only the estimated cost of the vessel or its construction, but also the rationale for its price and recommendations for the buyer or seller.