Crane scales

Crane scales, hanging type, are used for weighing goods in the process of loading and unloading. Equipment of this type is widely used in the field of commercial freight, also on the railway. Our company offers crane electronic scales by ALTHEN, which are distinguished by high performance, accuracy, functionality and versatility. Structurally, the classic crane scales consist of two main components:
  • Lifting part, to which the object is weighed. It may have a built-in monitor that displays weighing results, or be supplied in a sturdy, secure case.
  • Remote indicator, to which information on the results of weighing is transmitted through the transmitting device. The indicator is usually located at a distance from the immediate weighing zone (at the operator’s workplace) and can have both an indication function and a function to record weighing results.
  Thus, ALTHEN digital crane scales allow weighing without loss of time with the ability to monitor the results. The equipment presented is designed to work with different mass and operation in a variety of conditions (both indoors and outdoors). To get advice on choosing equipment, as well as to order scales, please contact us by phone or via the online form on the website.