Shipyard selection and contracting

Once designers job has done, the shipyard job has come. Today, many shipyards or shipbuilding companies  offer their services. If not talking about the reliability of available subcontractors, which is also very important,  the choice of a specific one depends entirely on the tasks to be accomplished during the construction of the vessel. Professionals of “Inmyr” company will help with the selection of a shipyard  taking into account the following important parameters:
  • technical characteristics and overall dimensions of a particular vessel;
  • the volume and complexity of the work required for construction;
  • materials and technological solutions that are used in the design of the ship;
  • technical equipment of the shipyard and its specialization;
  • the experience of shipyard in similar projects;
  • availability of free industrial capacities, human resources, specialists of the required qualification;
  • the suitability of geographical location of the shipyard;
  • financial requirements and capabilities of the customer.

The properly selected shipyard is a guarantee that the ordered vessel will meet client’s expectations, and the construction of the company's ships will be completed on time.

We will help you to select right shipyard for your lady, taking full care and support during meeting with shipyard managers, discussing technical and commercial issues, drafting of shipbuilding contract, until reaching the agreement. Our specialists will take over the development of the shipbuilding contract, that will avoid legislative incidents and protect the customer from violations by the contractor.