Industrial gauging solutions for liquid storages

Reservoirs, tanks, or bulk storage are widely used in the industrial field. These are specialized engineering structures that are designed for the collection and long-term storage of substances in the liquid aggregate state: cooling and operating fluids, water, fuel and lubricants, various kinds of waste, etc.   Since the bulk storage facilities are potentially dangerous objects, they require constant monitoring and maintenance: measuring the level of the liquid in the tank, monitoring pressure and temperature. We offer measuring devices and complete solutions for the control and maintenance of industrial tanks.   On the our  website you can purchase a system for measuring the level of liquid, its pressure and temperature manufactured by ALTHEN, as well as relays, level probe and other measuring equipment. All equipment is of high quality, good performance and measurement accuracy. Ready-made solutions based on sensors and level relays have repeatedly demonstrated their reliability and functionality.   To get more detailed information, to order the design and calculation of a system for measuring the level of a liquid, monitoring and servicing industrial storages, and also to purchase equipment, contact our managers at the specified phones or leave an online application on the company’s website.