Feasibility studies

INMYR company develops feasibility study for logistics projects for fleet owners and freight forwarders that transport goods using river routes or for clients who only enter the market. If there is a need of launching new river logistics route and vision of implementation is already formed, everything should be carefully checked before to start the project. In this case the feasibility study should be done.

The development of a feasibility study for river logistics is a market analysis, assessment of technical capabilities, capacity, calculation of time and cost indicators, risk analysis of the considered project, resulting in a business case for the viability of the project, as well as technical and organizational recommendations for improving the project.

During the development of the feasibility study, many factors are taken into account:
  • existing (competitive) logistics routes;
  • market conditions;
  • availability of river and maritime infrastructure;
  • navigation conditions and rules;
  • risk analysis taking into account possible future changes;
  • other determinant factors, on the basis of which the most effective types and characteristics of the required fleet, transshipment capacities and other objects of the logistic chain, their required number and optimal modes of operation are determined.
  Properly developed logistics and supply chain management improves the efficiency of processes by optimizing the way in which incoming and outgoing goods are moved.   The development of shipping research is carried out by INMYR specialists, with experience in river logistics project management for more than 15 years.