Revise and optimization of existing projects

The economic efficiency  and reliability of any existing route eventually changes. For example, the initially profitable riverine route may become unprofitable due to the opening of the high-speed motorways duplicating it. The effectiveness of water routes may increase as a result of the new ports construction, terminals, raid cargo transshipment points. Therefore, it is recommended conduct regularly an audit of the existing transport infrastructure, and evaluate logistics performance indicators.

Evaluation of logistics performance

“Inmyr” experts, who work in the field of river logistics, offer audit and consultancy services for existing transport routes and related infrastructure. Timely competent analysis of the situation will allows to maintain and improve the efficiency of work on river transport routes, thereby increasing your profits.

Logistics consulting  with “Inmyr”:
  • Formation of a general picture of interaction within the river logistics infrastructure.
  • Improving the level of service on transport routes and points of loading and unloading barges.
  • Growth of freight traffic and sales volume on transport routes.
  • Identification of unprofitable ways and routes, rejection of them.
The main goal of the audit is to calculate the logistics performance index, identify the causes that reduce the quality of services in this area, develop measures aimed at improving transportation and reducing costs. Audit and optimization of existing logistics routes Evaluation of the logistics infrastructure efficiency and its optimization should be carried out in a complex, since it is necessary to take into account all the nuances and operational features of the route. Logistics optimization is performed in stages:
  • Reviewing the existing logistics and supply chain.
  • Analysis of the quality and availability of logistics services.
  • Analysis of the economic component of transport logistics.
  • Comparison with other competitive offers and assessment of market conditions.
  • Identification of deficiencies in logistics solutions, vulnerabilities of the company.
  • Drawing up recommendations on elimination of the revealed defects.
  • The introduction of new, more efficient solutions for supply chain management and the overall operation of the logistics infrastructure.
The range of services is performed by specialists of the company with a big experience in the field of river logistics. To obtain the most objective and relevant information, we conduct analysis using our own know-how – the software and mathematical complex of simulations LMO (Logistics modeling and optimization), which makes it possible to build the most optimal logistics route and select the most suitable fleet. To get a detailed consultation and use our services, please contact the company’s managers by the indicated numbers or fill an online application form on the website.