Conversion of tugboats, design of motor yachts, boats, catamarans, pontoons, floating houses (summer residences)

We offer our clients the fullest range of services on re-equipment and modernization of tugs, barges, boats, catamarans, pontoons, floating houses (summer residences).   We carry out all works at high level of quality, in full conformity with the most actual European standards. Ship design company INMYR provides services for private owners of small size vessels and for the companies.   Our experts carry out works in the following stages:
  • Inspection and evaluation of the vessel, its hull and equipment.
  • Development of the project based on the requirements and in accordance with the budget of the customer.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Installation of components with subsequent commissioning.
We are ready to answer all your questions and calculate the optimal budget specifically for your project. Use the services of our company, ordering the conversion of boats, ships and other types of vessels, you can at any convenient time. Call or write to us and we will agree on the time of the meeting where we will discuss the details of the future project and terms of cooperation.