Project development

Properly executed logistics project can improve not only the company’s performance, but also the profitability of the entire business.

INMYR provides logistics consultancy for new logistics projects, as a result of which the customer receives recommendations on restructuring the logistics system of an operational and strategic nature.

Logistics planning is a mandatory step in building a supply chain.   Development of new logistics projects from INMYR is:
  • detailed planning solutions for the carriage of goods by river transport;
  • improving the accuracy of logistics operations;
  • reduction of transportation costs and an increase in the turnover of funds with the condition of minimizing transport investments;
  • optimization of logistic interaction between suppliers and customers.
  The river logistics project being developed can include as only part connected with proper selection or design of the required fleet and modes of its operation, as well as cover the entire infrastructure of the logistics chain, river fleet, loading and unloading points or river and sea terminals terminals to the buyer and other parts of the supply chain.   River logistics projects are extremely rarely implemented in their pure form, more frequently they contain the full cycle of cargo movement from the sender to the recipient, including:
  • ground cargo shipments from / to river terminals;
  • design or optimization of transshipment facilities and their modes of operation;
  • recommendations for improving waterways and navigation conditions;
  • also direct selection of existing or design of new types of fleet, giving the maximum economic benefit in the framework of the projects under consideration.