Force sensors

Force Sensors convert a force into a linear electrical signal. Their operation relies on measuring miniature movements in a precision metal structure using foil strain gauges bonded to the surface of the metal. The structure can be build in a wide variety of forms depending on the force range and the application requirements. Our loadcells range from 10 Newton up to 10 Mega Newton.

Force sensors convert a force into a linear electrical signal.

Force sensors are important elements of ship automation and control systems. They also can be used on scales of various types, transport and conveyor lines, other weighing systems. From the reliability and accuracy of these components depends directly on the functioning of the entire system. Therefore, it is important to choose and purchase quality strain gauges. The company “Inmyr” is a representative of the brand “ALTHEN” – equipment that meets the highest requirements of reliability and safety. You can buy force sensors of different designs with us (depending on the operational features and its functional purpose). The range includes elements of different types:
  • Membrane-type. With protection from dust, dirt and moisture. They are mainly used to estimate the weight of liquids in tanks.
  • S-shaped. Designed to measure cargo in a suspended state, incl. crane scales.
  • Single point. The most versatile and functional. Used to measure the weight of cargo on the platforms.
  • Beam. Used in bunker and platform measuring systems.
  • Rod. Presented in waterproof housing. They are mounted instead of axles in pulleys and make it possible to measure the tension force of a cable passing along a given pulley.
You can get help in choosing, consult and order force sensors by contacting experts of the company by the specified phones.

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