Acceleration sensors

Acceleration Sensors are used to measure vibration, shock, displacement, velocity, inclination and tilt in high accuracy applications. The accelerometers use DC-response silicon MEMS and micro fused piezoelectric film/ceramic technologies. They are shock proof and have a wide bandwidth, which makes them perfectly suited for critical applications. Frequency response up to 7000Hz. Range from ±1g up to ±6000g. Operating temperature from -40C° up to 125C°.

Fields of application:

Monitoring of buildings and structures, industrial applications, platform stabilization, navigation, geo-engineering, sounding and leveling the surface.

Available to order:
  • Servo Accelerometers

Althen offers tailor-made solutions for measuring acceleration in specific applications.

  • Multi Axis Accelerometers

For simultaneous measurement of acceleration in three perpendicular axes. Multi axial sensors are offered as MEMS or piezo crystal.

  • Automotive Testing Accelerometers

Analog and digital accelerometers with low and high g full scale, and digital 3-axis gyroscopes, qualified according to automotive certificates.

  • MEMS Accelerometers

MEMS sensors offer mechanical sensing structures of microscopic size, typically created on silicon, coupled with microelectronic circuits to measure acceleration. &nbsp
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