Amplifiers, transmitters, datalogers

Stand-alone Data Loggers, Kits and Accessories Load sensors, modules and systems are individually adapted to your systems. With integrated hardware and software solutions, including a bus-compatible electronic evaluation system, you can successfully and efficiently automate industrial weighing processes.

We offer data loggers for stand-alone or PC connected operation.

Dataloggers up to 120 channels; Sampling rate up to 1ps; Wireless telemetry.

A variety of sensors and measuring devices can be connected to data loggers, for example, level and flow sensors of liquid and gas, pressure / vacuum, temperature, humidity, vibration, gas analyzers, position sensors, angle of inclination / acceleration (accelerometers), proximity, movement, recognition, seismic, strain gauge, etc. Since the distinctive feature of dataloggers is to provide data input on many channels with a sufficiently large distance from the measurement points, their widespread use is especially justified in following cases:
  • monitoring of environmental conditions (climate, soil, topography, seismic);
  • control of the roll and deformation of various structures (buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels, port facilities, etc.);
  • industrial measurement technology, monitoring of production processes;
    control and accounting in housing and utilities;
  • temperature and humidity monitoring in warehouses / warehouses, libraries, museums, greenhouses, medical institutions;
  • monitoring the operation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment;
  • monitoring the state of water supply and sewage systems;
  • in everyday life (energy metering, automation in everyday life, “smart home”).
Althen provides amplifiers, data loggers and custom instrumental solutions for customers around the world. We are the official representative of ALTHEN in Ukraine and will assist in the selection and delivery of the necessary equipment.

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