Position sensors

Position sensors are widely used in ship mechanics and electronics. They are important components of instrumentation and automation systems. These elements as part of various mechanisms are necessary for:
  • control of the position of their individual parts;
  • alarm about the any event occurrence;
  • determine the movement of individual moving elements of the mechanism;
  • monitoring the position and condition of other mechanisms and measuring instruments.
Thus depending on the application and installation area, the inductive position sensor can perform different functions, ensuring the operation of the engine, the life support systems of the vessel, signaling emergency situations, etc. On our website you can select and order linear displacement and position sensors by ALTHEN. A wide range of sensors is available:
  • linear potentiometers;
  • inductive sensors;
  • fiber optic linear displacement and position sensors;
  • magnetostriction sensors.
  We can help you  to choose the appropriate products depending on the task. For consultation and ordering products, please contact us by phone or website form.

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