Pressure sensors

Among the ship’s equipment, relays and pressure sensors are the set of measuring instruments that are used in systems for monitoring, controlling and regulating the pressure of liquids and gases. They are installed in the fuel system, heating systems, water supply, sewage, cooling system, ventilation systems, etc. The reliability of even the smallest sensor directly affects the work of the entire vessel and not only the vessel, but also any industrial plant.

Our website contains the list of sensors for measurement the level of liquid pressure by  ALTHEN. All products can be used both independently and in conjunction with other instrumentation, for example, to create software and hardware systems for controlling the vessel.

Sensors for measuring the level of liquid pressure are part of the vessel’s control and safety system. Therefore, their choice should be approached as carefully and responsibly as possible, paying attention to the following parameters:
  • operating conditions of the device;
  • accuracy and tolerance of measurement indications;
  • interface of  input and output systems;
  • energy features (consumed energy and its amount).
We can help you choose sensors in accordance with the above parameters for specific tasks. For consultation and ordering products, please contact us by phone.

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