Rotation sensors

Rotary Position Sensors are suited for precise angle measurement. The magneto resistive rotational speed sensors are compact and easy to design in, providing a simple and cost-effective rotational sensing solution. They are ready to use and include the sensor, a back-biasing magnet and an advanced signal conditioning IC, all housed in a special multi-chip package. Besides the standard rotation sensors, we also offer you custom made solutions. Range in ohm between 1kΩ and 200kΩ. Temperature range from -40C up to 85C.

We offer a great variety of rotary potentiometers in types such as Single-turn/Multi-turn, specials such as Sinus/Cosinus potentiometers, oil-filled types, multiple gang types, motorised potentiometers and a number of turns-counting dials. We can customise nearly all types, both electrically and mechanically, already for small series.

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