Strain Sensors are developed to measure strain on an object. The straingauges are made of electrical wire or photo edged foil resistance material and are attached to the object. When external force is applied to its structure it creates a physical deformation of the material and creates change in resistance in the attached straingauges. These straingauges are designed to handle every possible application and are often used for research & development, sensor manufacturing and custom made applications.

Strain Sensors by ALTHEN

  • Standard Straingauges F-series

The F-series Standard Straingauges are using lead-free solder and are intended for general use.

  • Waterproof Straingauges WF-series

The Waterproof Straingauges WF-series have a pre-attached vinyl lead wire and eliminate the need for moisture-proof coating.

  • High Temperature Use Straingauges QF, ZF, EF Series

High Temperature Use Straingauges can be used in high temperature up to 300°C.

  • Cryogenic Low and High temperature use straingauges (-269 + 200) CE Series

These straingauges can be used in cryogenic temperatures of -269°C up to 200°C.

  • Weldable Straingauges for Static and Dynamic Strain Measurement (-196 +800 C)

The Weldable Straingauges are installed by spot welding to metal specimens and have a maximum operating temperature of 800°C.

  • Concrete Material Use Straingauges

Straingauges used for surface strain measurement on concrete, mortar or rock.

Often our clients need sensors and controls that are not in the general catalog. In this case, there is an opportunity for the development and production of customized solutions. Contact us to buy strain gauges in Ukraine.

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